We had an extra day last weekend for the Holiday and we took advantage of it by escaping the sun for a little while. It was much too hot to do much work in the garden for the biggest part of the day, so after a bit of debating we decided to check out a little swimming hole for the dogs and some shade for the rest of us. Matt and I packed up a couple chairs, some water, a couple magazines and the camera and loaded Ajay into the truck. His parents loaded their two chocolate labs into their truck and followed us down.

There were quite a few vehicles when we got there, but thankfully, nobody was around the spot we were heading to and we let the dogs run free.

The three of them had a great time swimming, and of course, Ajay was fetching all the sticks he could find, including this monster:

I think Max’s tongue spent the whole time hanging out of the side of his mouth.

There were a few people who came by while we were there, and Ajay was, as always, very social. He had a few experiences this past weekend with meeting new people, and he seems to be a little less excitable in those instances, so I think he’ll be OK on vacation this year.