After leaving Ricketts Glen State Park, we headed south. We made it to Hickory Run State Park where we stopped for the night.

We set up camp and walked down to the little fishing area where Matt had no luck until he baited for a particularly small fish hanging out near the shore and caught him to show Little Roamer. He wasn’t impressed. Abandoning our fishing hopes, we drove to the Boulder Field in the park that is actually a National Natural Landmark. The boulder field is about 16.5 acres of rocks gathered and deposited by glaciers. It is truly a sight to see.

Little Roamer at Hickory Run Boulder Field on

On the way back to camp, we stopped at a lake, so Matt could try his hand at fishing again. We walked the path down the hill and were greeted by the best lake reflection I’ve ever seen. That water was a dark coppery color and was so still that the reflection was perfect.


No fish, and the mosquitos were terrible, so we got some pictures and were on our way.

The next morning, before leaving Hickory Run, we hiked the Hawk Falls trail. It was an easy .6 mile hike (though rated “most difficult”) down the hill, through a tunnel of rhododendrons, to the falls. The trail is quite popular with families who had packed lunches and brought swim suits for a dip in the chilly creek water.



We finished our hike and were again on our way. To Assateague Island National Seashore!

Hickory Run is a Pennsylvania State Park Passport stamp location.