Last Saturday as the weather was beginning to warm, we decided to get out of the house. It was a welcome change after all the rain and snow and rain and snow that’s been holding us hostage. It was still a little wet, but nonetheless refreshing.

We drove down to the little creek where, in just a few weeks we’ll be trout fishing, and hiked up stream to an old iron furnace. I think it’s the Porterfield Furnace.

This furnace has caved in and one side has fallen down, but it was still worth the hike in.

The trees were growing out of the side.

There is a sheer cliff along on side of the creek that prevents you from hiking along it the whole way up to the furnace. In the summer, it’s possible to ford the creek to avoid the rock wall and hike upstream to get there, but this time of year, the creek is running fast, and we had a hard climb up, around and then back down the other side to get to our destination.

It was just what Ajay needed.

He’s good about sticking close to us when we’re out, especially in a place he’s not familiar with. He’s content to run a little ahead and check things out and then run back as if to say, “Come on, you’re not going fast enough.”

There’s my handsome hubby. I think he was telling Ajay to stay still as I took this picture.

We found a nice little spot where the creek made a little eddy and the water was calm and Ajay got to run around in it until he was covered in sand and mud. He’s still not too sure about swimming, but I think that will change once the water warms up and we can get in there with him.

On the way home, we stopped at the trestle where the river water was coming up and flooding the creek. It’s amazing how much water there can be sometimes. The small pool below the trestle, where we swim in the summer, along with the banks of the river, were cover and the river water was at the same level at the creek. That same creek that Ajay could be seen splashing around in in this post, was now a few feet deep.

While we were out it seemed Ajay would never run out of energy, but when we got in the truck, I could tell he was tired. He seemed to realize it as well when we got home, but fought it long enough make sure he wasn’t going to miss out on anything. Finally, he succumbed to sleep and could be heard snoring on the love seat.

Stay tuned for this weekend’s adventure. Ajay might just have his first camping experience.