We found out this past weekend that Ajay loves to play in the leaves. Our new house has two huge oak trees in the front yard that have been dropping leaves for a while and after some big wind we had last week, most of the leaves were on the ground.

Ajay seems to think when the leaf blower is out and we’re cleaning up the yard, all those leaves are flying around the yard just for him. And when we rake up the yard, we’ve been taking the leaves back to the little stand of trees behind the house and making a pile. It’s really not a small pile.

“Hi, Mom, are you ready to see my trick?”

While cleaning up the yard, Matt found a rope toy that probably belonged to the previous residents’ dog. Ajay loves it as well.  Matt came into the house while I was making the gnocchi and told me Ajay wanted to show me a new trick. Matt would throw the rope into the pile and Ajay would dive in after it.

You wouldn’t see him for a moment, just the leaves moving around. And then…

There he comes, rope in mouth. He’s such a good retriever.

He did return with a pine-cone once.

Matt took this picture while they were both in the pile. I think he’s saying, “Isn’t this fun, Dad? Let’s do some more!”

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  1. Oh Rachel that is so funny! How cute your little Ajay is! ~Lili

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