Well, we made it back! We had a great time. We got to go to my favorite camp spot, and it being so early in the season, we were, of course, the only ones there. We got in some geocaching and found one that I couldn’t find last time. Sunday evening we had some Mountain House freeze dried Spicy Chili Mac that was pretty good with our hamburgers and for dessert, a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich that surprised us both by tasting just like a regular one. And we some something strange that I’ll post pictures of tomorrow.

The weather was a little drizzly Sunday afternoon, but shortly after we got to the campsite it stopped. The rain picked back up Sunday night, making it not only chilly, but wet too. Our new tent worked well though, so we were dry all night. Although, Monday morning the floor was a bit damp from the wet ground.

It’s a backpacking tent from REI, Matt bought it a few months ago for a winter camping trip with some of the guys from church, but it turns out they don’t use tents on that trip, so he never got to use it. I think they’re crazy. I don’t know if I would sleep without a tent in warm weather, let alone the snow.

But anywho. This tent is significantly smaller than our other tent. It’s for two people, but there’s not a lot of room to move around. Our air mattress would have been such a squeeze, we didn’t take it. I definitely didn’t remember it being that uncomfortable sleeping on the ground. I don’t know how we did it before that thing.

It does have door and a vestibule on each side where the rain fly reaches out over the ground created a sheltered space for some of your gear that you may not want in the tent. And both of us having our own door, makes it much easier whenever you need out of the tent and would normally have to climb over the other person.

Enough about the tent, though. Here’s the campsite and how close we were to the river.

And there’s Matt making coffee.

Here’s a few pictures of the river Monday morning. The first one I think my flash had gone off so it’s dark, but I liked it. The second is the same time (7 ish) without the flash.

And this one is later in the morning with the mist still over the river.

More pictures from the trip including the waterfall to come later!