Here are a few more pictures from our birthday trip a couple weekends ago. We saw this bird about halfway through our paddling for the second day. An eagle? I’m not really sure, not having seen many in person.
I saw a lot of trees that were hollow underneath. I liked this moss covered one. It looks like a little tunnel. Probably goes to some awesome imaginary world.
Everything was pretty wet the whole time we were there. I took some shots of drop on the trees Sunday evening when we walked up to the falls.
And in other news, look what I picked out of the planter in my window this morning!

One thought on “Birthday Camping Trip: The Finale”

  1. wow! great pictures. Looks like a wonderful trip.
    thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment on the dessert/cupcake plate. Painting glass is amazingly easy! Lots of bang for your buck.
    thanks for your suggestion about the birdseed dispenser.

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