I’m actually kind of surprised that we haven’t been out yet, but I guess this winter was a crazy one. Finally, this weeked we had some sunshine. It was a gorgeous day.

We planned on going out on the Allegheny Saturday morning, leaving early and stopping for breakfast and then again for lunch. Our plans changed slightly when one of Matt’s friends called and said he wanted to take the girl he has been seeing out on the river. So, we went for a later departure and a shorter trip on the Clarion River, which is a little more first-time friendly.

I expected the river to be much higher and running a little bit more with all the recent melting, but it was probably pretty close to what it runs at usually. Taking the canoes instead of kayaks made it a little harder to get though in some of the lower, rocky spots.

We only ended up with one stop for this trip. We had lunch about halfway through the trip with a little fire and some tasty steak strips, sandwiches and fruit.

I took my new camera out of the dry bag for the first time when we were safely on dry land. My little camera fits well in my dry box along with our phones and car keys, and other essentials, so it came out while we were out in the boats.

I grabbed a smaller memory card for my little camera when we left and didn’t think to check to see if anything was on it. So, when I put it in, I saw that there was only space for 16 pictures. I ended up having to get the D90 out to get a picture of this snow/ice tunnel.

We had a great time, and it really alleviated some of that cabin fever, but at the same time it made me want to do more spring things.

Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures.