As promised, I’ve got the pictures I took out on the river this past weekend. I also updated yesterday’s post with some pics including that ice tunnel.

We saw some beaver activity early in the trip, no beavers though. They must have been tired from working so hard.

It’s funny to see how one side of the river is still covered with snow, and the other side is fairly empty.

You could tell how far up that river had been by all the grass and weeds tangled in the trees on the floodplain.

We were checking out these huge clumps of ice and saw something.

Can you see the little piggy here sitting with his nose out over the water?

There’s the Mountain Man sitting behind me in the canoe. The corner of that paddle was sacrificed at some point on this trip.

While the guys were loading the canoes back on the truck I was admiring how the beautiful blue sky reflected on the river. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but take my word for it.