On my way down to Emlenton this past weekend, I thought I’d stop by the lake and see if anyone was out there yet. It was a beautiful day, and I should have known I see someone. There were to guys sitting in lawn chairs, chatting by the dock, and two kids playing along shore.

It amazes me how often kids will talk to you when you have a camera in your hand. They’re always curious about what you’re doing, and I suppose they don’t see a lot of people just driving around (with out-of-state plates), stopping and wandering around with a camera in their hand.

They informed me that that had found a rusty cellphone in the mud. Wonder who lost it.

I don’t know if they let the water out of this lake, like they do to Tappan at home or if it was just really low. The skeleton of this tree stump against a rock would normally be underwater, but was only surrounded by mud.

Have a great day!