I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got a lot of work done, mainly one last deep clean in the house before it gets too cold to have the windows and doors open. Matt was golfing, so I just had to keep the dog out of whatever room I was working in. Lots of scrubbing and throwing away, and I got out some fall decorations and switched out some of my candles for fall scents. Fall is my favorite season!

I also started getting ready for the cold days of winter. I got a new filter for the furnace and ran a bead of caulk around some of our windows. (They’re very old and the glass is coming away from the frames.) When Matt got home, he cleaned out the basement and hosed it down.

Sunday was a relaxing day – church, lunch at the in-laws’, football and lounging on the couch.

And back to the vacation:

The next couple days are pretty full of driving. Long story short, there were a few places on our list that didn’t work out, and we ended up in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had an ocean front hotel room equipped with *surprise* washer and dryer! I have a couple pairs of pants that tie up to make them shorter, and they are VERY comfortable to hike in, so it was great to be able to wash them.

We also had a delicious lunch at Islamorada Fish Co., a Bass Pro Shops Restaurant. We were impressed from the moment we walked in, having worried that it would be more like the cafeteria-style restaurant in Cabela’s. It definitely wasn’t. We tried conch fritters and alligator and got a spicy tuna roll to share. Plus, they brought us a small loaf of sweet bread to snack on while we were ordering/waiting.

After lunch we headed back through town, stopping to play a round of miniature golf before heading to Ripley’s Aquarium. It was a nice aquarium, but comparing what we saw there against other aquariums, like Pittsburgh, where the aquarium is combined with the zoo, I think it was too expensive.

After the aquarium, we were on the road again, but didn’t make it very far before we had to find somewhere to camp for the night. Next, Tennessee!