Saturday afternoon we picked up Ajay. We love him.

He slept most of the way home and the rest of the day Saturday, but Sunday he was ready to run around. We bought him a little stuffed duck that quacks and I have a feeling that we’ll be needing another before long. He loves it. He fights with it, growling and all and he’ll fetch it for you. He’s definitely got┬áretriever instincts.

We took him down Sunday to meet Grami, and he got to meet her dog, a beagle, and then we took him over to meet Matt’s parents’ chocolate labs, who are much, much bigger than him. The one took it much better than the other, who I’m afraid would try to eat him if he got the chance. So, for now, it’s total supervision whenever they’re together. Last night he got to meet Matt’s brother’s dogs, a large black mix who was very gentle with him and a little Yorkie who had the perfect amount of energy to tear around with Ajay right behind him. I think we’ll try to get them together pretty often so that he has playmates.

He’s doing well so far, except the crying whenever we have to put him in his crate. I hate to leave him to go to work, but Matt goes home for his break and lunch and then gets off earlier than me so he sees him during the day.

Posting will be very sporadic for the time being. We haven’t gotten the internet at the new house yet, so I’m iPhoneing quite a bit. Blogging on it is only easy if there aren’t pictures involved.

2 thoughts on “New Addition”

  1. Hi, I saw one of your comments on Angie's (Home Grown) blog and popped over to visit for a few minutes. Ajay is adorable! What a precious little thing. I love pups ­čÖé

  2. puppies are so much fun—and so much work! ­čÖé ours is about 9 months old now and we just love him. he is still a challenge sometimes, but i can't imagine our family without him.

    enjoy your little cutie!

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