Ok, so this has nothing to do with our trip, I promise I’ll get back to that topic later.

Remember in this post when Matt had picked me some flowers along the bike trail. Well, there must have been a little monarch caterpillar in with them. We had had caterpillars make their way inside the house with the flowers many times back home, and I recognized some signs. When I threw the flowers out, I first checked them and then the window for the little guy.  I saw the chrysalis hanging above the window.

That was shortly before the wedding.

Now, fast forward to yesterday, after work. Matt comes to find me, very excited. I think he was a bit skeptical when we first saw signs of the caterpillar. He doesn’t believe me sometimes when I tell him about things, he has to see it for himself. (Like the evening primroses that you can watch open at night. I told you so. haha)  He had heard some fluttering in the window and went to check it out. There was a beautiful monarch butterfly, drying its wings and waiting to be let out.

We took some pictures and opened the window and he was on his way. I should have taken more pictures as he went higher and higher.

Just one of those rare experiences you want to share. Have a great day!

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  1. Oh Rachel that is the COOLEST thing ever! I love the symbolism and congrats on your new life together, I'm so glad I got to meet both of you! xo ~Lili

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