I’m finally getting through the 500 or so photos that we took on our honeymoon. I’ll be posting as much of our trip as I can, starting today.

The plan was to get on the road by 4am Sunday morning. This was Matt’s plan. He promised he would drive and I told him to just get me in the car.

I had made a quiche ahead of time for our breakfast and I heated it up while Matt finished loading the car. We ended up not leaving until about 4:45, but getting up at 3:45 was plenty early for me.

I got in the car and dozed on and off for quite a while. We reach the Kinzua dam just in time to watch the sunrise.

I’ll spare you the picture of the two of us taken just after I woke up in the car and show you the beautiful sunrise instead.
Early morning is a great time to get interesting shots.
A lot of the pictures that I’ll share were taken through the car windshield. Just pretend you don’t see the smudges and cracks.
The plan for that day was to drive through New York and get to Portsmouth, NH in enough time to see some things there. It took us longer than we thought to get that far, though, and we didn’t have much extra time before we needed to get to Wolfeboro, NH and check into our B&B. Matt was looking forward to getting to the ocean though, so when we got near Portsmouth, we took a little drive out to the beach in Rye for a little bit.
It was crowded. And cold. We stood in the tide for a while and then walked down the beach to climb on some rocks.

You see the rocks…
And then they disappear.

The sea gulls were out in full force. Swooping low and diving towards the water.
After that we were on our way again, heading to Wolfeboro.

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