The next day was a another day with lots of driving. We started out after breakfast, deciding to take the scenic route up the coast of Maine to Mt. Desert Island.

We passed through Rockland and Camdon, where this boat was,

and crossed this bridge at Fort Knox.

For the two final nights of our trip, we stayed at the Kingsleigh Inn in Southwest Harbor. We had the Penthouse Turret Suite, which was recommended to me by Laurie from A Yankee Quilter. The inn was beautiful. They served delicious 3-course breakfasts that unfortunately we didn’t get to enjoy the first morning because we were out kayaking, but they had coffee and cookies/muffins out for us. The couple that owns it is very nice, and very ready to help you plan any activities. There was some socializing during a wine/cheese/cookie/coffee hour which I think was around 5:30, so that must have been around when we arrived, now that I think about it.

This was our view of the harbor. I wish we had gotten up to see the sunrises.

I would definitely recommend the inn for someone who’s plans are more lax. We had plans that filled most of our days and so didn’t spend much time at the inn, and missed out on some things included in our rate.

After carrying up our bags and some things to put in the little fridge in our room, we went for a walk out in the little town. Southwest Harbor was much less busy than Bar Harbor and I’m glad we stayed there. Next time I’d like to stay out near Schoodic peninsula in an even less busy part of Acadia National Park.

We had dinner at a little place in town, I think it was the Cafe Dry Dock Inn, which has a restaurant downstairs. Matt had a tuna steak and I had crab cakes – both were delicious.

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  1. Oh Rachel! Thanks for posting Maine pictures!! My husband Karl worked only miles from the bridge at Fort Knox. Did you go up into the observatory?? I'm glad you liked the B&B – I've wanted to stay there myself but haven't gotten the chance (yet!) I'm so glad you were able to explore the area – it's such a pretty time of the year there. Then again, it's always a pretty time of the year in Maine!

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