Once again, I had a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone’s weekend was great as well! We went down to Pittsburgh to the zoo and the aquarium on Sat. We had a bit of a late start due to some sleeping in, but we got down there around noon.

I’ll have some pictures to post, but I have to admit, most of mine didn’t turn out well. I had a lot of blurry shots from my camera, but the photos that Matt and I took with his camera turned out much better. My camera was giving me problems – possibly because the batteries were very close to death. But anyway, my shutter was staying open longer than it needed to be, causing many washed out and blurry pictures, and I don’t think I can manually tell it how long to stay open on my little digital camera. I’d love to get a new camera. If it was so bulky and didn’t have so many attachments I would have taken my 35mm.

After the zoo we headed up to Robinson. I haven’t been there since I graduated. They are putting in a bunch of new stores; there was a Giant Eagle market that Matt was really excited about. Most of them weren’t open yet. We are both too indecisive when it comes to choosing a place to eat out. Especially me, because there are so many places I’ve never been, and I live to try everything once. It reminded me of our first date, I think we did a couple laps that time trying to pick somewhere.

We finally settled on Joe’s Crab Shack. I would totally recommend it to anyone. It was delicious. It was messy, but really worth it.

How did everyone’s weekend go?

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