Last weekend felt very busy. ┬áSaturday was cleaning/laundry/quilting for me and golfing for Matt followed by hanging out with some friends and setting off fireworks. It ended in a very late night – much later than usual for us. I was so thankful that we didn’t have to be to church until later Sunday morning, and we got to sleep in a bit. Even Ajay didn’t want to get up.

Sunday, after church, we headed out on the Clarion River with some friends for a afternoon/evening trip finishing just before the sun set. It was a nice trip. The guys did a little fishing – our friend, John, even caught a small Northern Pike – and the girls did some floating and wildlife/fish watching. It was so nice to see the different kinds of fish and birds on a river that is coming back from paper-mill┬ápollution. We saw, along with that pike, some bass, carp and a catfish, plus, we heard two birds talking to each other. I think they were Cooper’s Hawks. If you click that link and scroll down to “typical voice” in the “identification” section, you can listen to it.

Monday, Matt and I headed out on the Allegheny River with Ajay for some fishing and relaxing before we had to go back to work on Tuesday. It was only partly relaxing since Ajay still doesn’t like to sit still in the canoe. I think the combination of the sun being so warm, the water being so tempting and the fact that he’s a very energetic lab is what did it. So, Ajay spent a little time swimming alongside the canoe. He’s a very good swimmer, but we stayed close to shore so he could get in the shallows when he got tired. He just seemed to like swimming beside us better than trying to be good in the boat.

We have our annual luau trip this next weekend, and we’re planning to take Ajay on his first group canoe trip. I have a feeling he’s going to be doing some more swimming, and I’m going to try to rig up some kind of shelter so he can get out of the sun in the boat.

I don’t have any pictures to share from the weekend, so I’m posting a picture of Ajay trying out his new pack.

He’s going to start helping out by carrying his own food and water and sometimes our water when we’re out on hikes. He’s got enough energy to go around! He didn’t seem to even notice it was on, he just ran around like usual.

I’m planning an update soon on my quilt – I had to order a little more fabic – and also a different way to cook something that is generally thought of as a fall/winter food.

Have a great rest of the week!