Matt and I like to take little road trips on Saturdays. I think we seem to do it more during the winter months, probably because summer weekends are often pretty full.

This past Saturday, we headed up to Warren, PA.

The last time we were up that way was about a year ago. We had gone up to visit the Allegheny Book Mart, which is a wonderful little shop filled with antiques and books and little trinkets. (Matt especially likes the upstairs room which is full of old and new war items) The is a small pub down the street called McCulla’s where we always stop for lunch. They have good food and it’s a friendly little place. We both highly recommend both of these places if you are ever in Warren.

Last year while we were up we found out that the Warren County Winterfest was going on, and by coincidence it was underway again this year at the same time we were in town. It is a fun little festival, with lots a winter activities like dog sled races and sled riding and ice skating. Sleigh rides were also scheduled, but the slightly warmer weather melted some of the snow, so I’m not sure if any happened.

It takes place at Chapman State Park, about 15-20 mins from Warren. The lake is frozen over and we parked below the dam and walked on the ice up to where most of the action was. It had been long time since I’d been on any frozen lakes or ponds and I was a little hesitant to head out on the ice, carrying my new camera, but Matt calmly point out a woman pushing a stroller across the frozen sheet and assured me that it was safe.

Earlier in the day a snow sculpting competition. This was my favorite.

They also had cross country skis and snowshoes to borrow and early was a guided tour and some geocaching. We didn’t get the snowshoes but headed out on the path a little ways anyway.

I was disappointed by not getting to see the dog sled race or getting a sleigh ride – though I think Matt was relieved about that – but it was a wonderful day.