Matt had to work most of the day Saturday, so not much was going on. I took a nice long walk around Emlenton with Evie and then we made Chinese food for dinner. Egg rolls, steak stir-fry, rice, and chicken. Plus we made some strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Sunday we headed out to President, PA to search for a geocache that some people from church had been searching for. We got there only to find out that it is a total dead zone, and I didn’t think to save the info before we left, so we had to drive around a bit to find service and get the information. Then we headed back out. Turns out we don’t need service to use the GPS on his phone, it seemed to work just fine.
The first cache we visited was near these amazing rocks! I had a great time just exploring and taking pictures.

It reminds me of when I was little and Dad would take me out to Piedmont Lake. Lots of huge rocks.

I don’t know when I became a scaredy-cat, but I was having a hard time climbing on some of those rocks.

But here’s a look from underneath one.

We had to climb up through a crevice and then down into a cave, which Matt went into first to check it out. I didn’t really have trouble once I got up here.

After all that hiking and climbing, I was very thankful for this spring where we parked the car.

The next cache was near the President Furnace. There wasn’t much left of the ruins, mostly just a pile of rocks. Matt found this one too.

Then we went back to Seneca and stopped for ice cream and on down to Rockland for one more cache. This one took a lot of climbing up and down a steep hill. I spotted some red and white Trillium starting to bloom.

And they’ve stocked the trout in Mill Creek.

Next weekend we’re heading to Ohio to visit with my family and my best friend is getting married!