The final thing that we had planned to see on our trip is the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is something everyone should see. And again, it’s a free park. What we didn’t plan on was how long it would take us to drive it. We arrived late in the day only made is about 40 miles before stopping to camp for the night. That 40 miles took us a couple hours, because (1) the speed limit is 45 and (2) there is a pull off and a beautiful view every few minutes.


We eventually had to get off and find a more direct route home. We are planning to go back and do the whole thing, but next time it will probably be the whole trip.


We picked up a magazine at our campsite that gave information for every town along the way and what could be found there from attractions and shopping to lodging. It also had information on some of the pull-offs and views. We also had some personalized info from a couple of friends who had traveled the Parkway recently.



Can you see Matt on the rock face in the picture below?


This is the swinging bridge on Grandfather Mountain. I recommend keeping your eyes up while walking across.



And, finally, remember that thing I was waiting to unveil until after the trip, and then there was a setback? Well, it’s finally ready to go, and I’ll be sharing it with you on Monday. Be sure to come back then!