We had an extra day off this weekend for Memorial Day, so Saturday we got some work done on the lot, and Sunday after church we headed out on the river for a camping trip with a few of out friends. It has been very stressful around here lately, with getting ready for the wedding and working on the lot and talking to banks, lawyers, borough people, and house people about the lot and getting ready for the house, not to mention family stuff going on. Needless to say, we needed a vacation.

I have to say that it was such a relief when we finally got out on the river and I didn’t have to think about any of that anymore.

We left Sunday after church, meeting at Matt’s parents’ house and getting the boats loaded up. It was a very warm day and I actually remembered to load up on the sunscreen and I got Matt to put some on too. So, no sunburns for us! I did get a bit of a tan though.

A little ways into the trip we saw a blimp go over. I remember being so excited to see them when I was little. It’s still a bit of a treat since we don’t see them very often.

I wish I had had my camera out Monday morning, when I big plane went over really low, banking hard. I think Matt said it was a military-type plane.

We were winging it most of the trip. We stopped at Dotter Eddy to get a bite to eat and we were planning on continuing down to a campsite that I think is near Foxburg, but by the time we stopped to eat, it was after 7 and nobody wanted to have to paddle hard to get down to Foxburg, which would have been another couple hours. So, we camped at the eddy. Someone had made a fire ring down by the river where Mill Creek flows into it and set up some of these little rock towers.

We hadn’t ever camped at the eddy before – it’s right off the bike trail and we usually look for somewhere more secluded to get away from all the people up here on vacations – but it was a nice change. The eddy is the best place to swim. The river gets deep and very calm. 
John caught a small-mouth bass in the morning and Matt caught some blue-dots to fish with while we were floating downstream. John and I caught some craw-dads too while we were waiting for Shawn to wake up.
I feel like I should let you know that a lot of our river trips look like this:

Not a lot of paddling for the majority of the trip. Just relaxing and hanging out with friends. There’s usually more paddling when it’s just Matt and I.
Hope your weekend was just a fun!