The sun was shining yesterday and it looks like it will be the same today. Hopefully, tomorrow is full of sun as well because Matt and I are heading out on the river.

We haven’t been out at all this winter. Well, I haven’t. He’s went out once I think in his whitewater kayak. I’m ready for some outdoor adventure. I’ve got the cabin fever. We had snow for so many days, nonstop. I’m ready for spring.

We’re planning on starting very early and making lots of stops for photo opps and fires and lunch. I started packing things up this morning and ended up with three cameras in my bag because I’m not sure which I should take. I’m a little wary about taking my new one out. Particularly since the river is probably high and faster than usual due to the melting from the last few days. I have a dry bag I can put it in, but I’d really like to have a dry box for it. My little point and shoot fits well in my small dry box and so does Matt’s Canon, so I might take one of those. I’ll probably wish I had the good one once I get out there though and we stop and there’s something awesome to see.

If enough snow has melted, maybe we can even get in some geocaching. Too bad Matt hasn’t gotten his fishing license yet for this year.

I can’t wait to get outside.